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Business Strategy
Nimble Execution
Client Feedback

"[Norm] . . . has made an extraordinary contribution to the long term success of [Honeywell] . . ."

David Larkin, Chairman, President and CEO
Honeywell International  (Ret.)

"[Norm] worked with us . . . to refine our vision of positive employee relations, and translated that vision into daily management practices."

Manfred Gingl, Vice Chairman
Magna International (Ret.)

"Norm . . . carried the training torch. He was our Leadership Training Department."

Jim Stratton, Director
Training and Development
Magna International

Lean Competitive Manufacturing at Honeywell

Do you own or manage a factory? Image if you could:

  • boost Productivity per Employee by 40%.
  • slash Work in Process by 60%.
  • cut Scrap and Rework in half.
  • accelerate Customer Order to Deliver time by 100%.

I've achieved such results. How? By enlisting the most vital resource in any factory: People.
Together, we developed our factory team to achieve the unexpected. Read more here.

Building Benchstrength for Growth in the Automotive Industry

"Benchstrength!" The word began a decade long relationship with automotive parts giant Magna International. "We have unlimited opportunity to grow, but the bottleneck is benchstrength. We especially have a critical need for supervisors." So explained the Executive VP of Human Resources.

Magna recruited my consulting firm - Varanor International - to "carry the training torch" and build a learning culture from the ground up.

I developed people from "factory to corner office" to meet three critical challenges: 1) consolidation of the supply base, 2) pressure to absorb warranty and recall risk, 3) continual downward pressure on prices and margins.

Corporate Governance in the Energy Industry

"A well founded reputation for scrupulous dealings is itself a priceless corporate asset." I was involved in formulating the training and communication strategy to bolster corporate stewardship practices to reflect this key value at a major energy company.

Health Care Excellence

Improving patient safety and care requires leadership and a sharp focus on quality assurance. I enacted the learning strategy for Health Care Excellence that enabled a major regional hospital to achieve its Accreditation status.
Norm Nopper
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Norm Nopper