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Business Strategy
Nimble Execution
Lean Principles (Manufacturing Excellence and Health Care Excellence)

Reinventing the Factory with Lifelong Learning, TRAINING, May 1993
When Honeywell wanted a more competitive factory, it gave workers the chance to learn.

Training Within Industry: Forgotten Foundation Stone of Toyota's Production System
Presentation first delivered to the APMA Human Resource Conference, 25-Nov-08

Lean Thinking and Continuous Improvement in Health Care
Presentation first delivered to a major hospital group, 12-Apr-10.

From Innovation to Invoice: Lessons for Entrepreneurs and Innovators

From Innovation to Invoice: Turning Ideas into Money
Presentation delivered at Canadian Manufacturing Week, 7-Oct-10

Innovation to Invoice: Lessons Learned
Minutes from Innovation to Invoice Workshop, Canadian Manufacturing Week, 7-Oct-10

Building Benchstrength and Developing People to Achieve the Unexpected

ABC Canada Training Matters, 2009
Supplement to Canadian Business Magazine, includes interviews with Norm Nopper.

ABC Life Literacy Interview with Norm Nopper
Norm Nopper
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Manufacturing Excellence:
A Shop Floor Perspective


John MacMillan,
Director of Manufacturing, Honeywell (Ret.)


Norm Nopper,
former Manager, Training and Development, Honeywell

A helpful guide for your first steps to Manufacturing Excellence, it provides key lessons learned at Honeywell.

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Norm Nopper